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NIFON is a registered Non-Government Organization and charity which was set up by a small group of concerned Nepali people in 2008 (2065 B.S.) It came into existence with the ideal to “love children, respect women, and save the environment” and will always strive to abide by these principals.
The Convention on the Rights of Children, which came to force in 1989, was signed by Nepal in 1990. Since then, more than one decade has passed and still the desired outcome has not been achieved in Nepal and children’s situation in the rural areas is very alarming. We strive very hard to urge all to think compassionately about the plight of all children, particularly those in Nepal. NIFON endeavours to overcome the challenges for children of the ever-changing social and economic circumstances in Nepal. The main principal of NIFON is to live for others and the nation and our slogan is “Peace, Creation and Development”
NIFON is situated in the Himalayan country of Nepal (between India and Tibet). Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with more than 31% of the population currently living below the defined poverty line of US$1 per day. As we know the first victims of these situations are the children. It is estimated that in Nepal one child in twelve under the age of seventeen is an orphan as a result of many causes, often preventable, including AIDS. The organization gives its support to children in need without any consideration of religion or caste. Behind this project there is a very small, but hard working committee of Nepali people, headed by Venerable Sangye Dorje Lama. It runs a bright, clean and happy orphanage of 14 children and six adult carers in Kathmandu, near Boudha in Nepal. Although the orphanage is very poor, the committee works hard to provide a good education and a healthy and happy environment for the children. It depends on the generosity and compassion of sponsors from Nepal and oversees.
Recently we have set up a Scholarship Trust Fund for children who want to go to higher education from remote areas of Nepal.



Singing Songs

We the nifon kids were singing songs in the birthday party of Nima.We the nifon kids were singing songs in the birthday party of Nima.We the nifon kids were singing songs in the birthday party [...]

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